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Argo Links WordPress Plugin

The brainchild of NPR‘s Project Argo Team has combined with the coding expertise of Mission Data’s own Corey to bring you Argo Links, an Open Source WordPress plugin that “makes it easy to collect links from across the Web and share them right from your WordPress dashboard”.

From the plugin documentation page:

“The plugin is broken up into two logical parts. First, the Argo Links plugin provides you with your own private bookmarks database. Similar to services like delicious or pinboard, you can collect and tag links via a one-click bookmarklet, and have access to all your links from anywhere. The key difference is that your bookmarks are stored in your WordPress database, so you’ll never have to worry about accessing your links from another site.

“Second, the plugin makes it easy to share your links via a special post type we’re calling a link roundup. The morning link roundup provides you with a quick and easy way of sharing the most interesting stories on your beat with your readers. Sharing links in this way is a common pattern amongst bloggers, and an approach we’ve recommend for Project Argo. To learn how to save links and create link roundups, follow the steps below.”

Corey had this to say about collaborating with the Project Argo Team on this endeavor:

“I was very excited to work on this WordPress plugin. The Project Argo Team did an awesome job of letting me know exactly what they wanted out of the plugin using a combination of screenshots and mockups.

“The goal of this plugin was to replace existing functionality that combined the Delicious service and a custom Django application with something that kept the whole process, and the data, internal to the WordPress platform.

“This was definitely one of the most interesting development projects that I have had the opportunity to work on at Mission Data. Knowing that it was going to be Open Sourced, that people are going to be allowed to freely download, use, and modify the code to make it their own and make it better, made it just that much more fun to work on.”

You can download the plugin source code, and fork it, on the Argo Links github project page.

There are also a plethora of other plugins and themes developed by the Project Argo Team available for download!

Taken from the Project Argo “Extend” page:

“All Argo Project code is licensed under a GPL-2.0 license, which means you’re free to download, use and extend the code to your heart’s content. So head on over to Github to download our plugins and themes, fork our code and make it better.”

We at Mission Data would like to thank the Project Argo Team, and NPR, for allowing us to collaborate on this plugin and provide the Open Source community with awesome free software.

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